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In 2001, Mr. Yap Wee Keong set foot on China with full of enthusiasm and passion, established MayAir. MayAir which stand for “Air of May”, symbolizes MayAir’s philosophy of cleanliness, environmental protection, health and comfort.


How can a young eagle fly thousands of miles without experiencing strong winds and rains? From an early start-up company to today, MayAir has its own production and R&D base of approximately 50,000 m², with rapid business expansion and a global sales network. All of these are MayAir people With the courage of perseverance and the belief of going forward, it came out one step at a time.


In the development history of MayAir, there are several classic products which irreplaceable significance, witnessing MayAir’s continuous progress and brilliant achievements. For example, we have FFU, HEPA filters, primary & secondary filters, chemical filters, electrostatic filters, air purifiers, industrial dust and oil mist removal equipment, VOCs treatment equipment which has witnessed MayAir’s growth.


MayAir is committed to promote cleantech development and to improve global air quality. Company will continue to increase investment in branding, technology research, talent training, quality control, etc. in the future. To fulfill market-oriented, innovation-driven, and relying on national industrial policies to vigorously expand downstream markets and application areas, and develop new technologies and new applications. To improve manufacturing capabilities and quality, comprehensively utilize new technological means, continue to enhance the company's core competitiveness, and achieve the company's vision and mission.

Historic Milestone


Awarded as "The Little Giant" by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Approved for the establishment of Postdoc Innovation Center in Jiangsu Province.


Accredited by the national CNAS laboratory.
Gained recognitions from the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Municipal Science and Technology Commission.
Recognised by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as of one the key enterprises for prevention and control of "Coronavirus Pandemic" in national level.


New plant in Malaysia was put into operation. Sales networks were further expanded to international markets, typically Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle-East and Europe.


Privatized from London Stock Exchange (LSE) and capitals returned to China.
Diversified into environmental and gas phase pollution control industries.
Ventured into new industries with innovative technologies.
Established MayCare and MayTech.


The newly-built R&D centre and manufacturing plant of 40,000 m2 in Nanjing was put into operation.
Chengdu manufacturing plant was put into production.


MayAir Group plc was listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE).
The first international production line of advanced filter material (PTFE) was put into operation.


Tianjin factory officially put into production


Diversified into commercial industry when the patented technology of EACBF (Combination of Electronic Air Cleaner & Bag Filter) achieved remarkable breakthroughs in PM2.5 filtration for China’s first ever commercial project.


ZhongShan、TianJin manufacturing plants were put into production.


Established the industry position in the professional field of electronic clean room - Became the supplier of Hefei BOE and the first FFU supplier that BOE chose to replace foreign brands


Qualified as vendor of SMIC. Safeguarding the production lines from then till now.


Awarded as a high-tech enterprise.


Become one of the largest filter suppliers in China - serving various well-known AHU brands


Ventured into electronic industry and facilitated the growth of China's semiconductor industry.


Founded from Malaysia, headquartered in China.



Promote the development of purification industry and improve global air quality