29 2021-09

Applications MayAir FFU | Chip Manufacturing Environment and Process Yield Rate

The DELTA virus has gradually come to an end, and early autumn is gradually coming. It is reflected in the busy time, hard work, and happy harvest. Recently, there have been good news of winning bids for many projects. Sharing today: Another good news from the Clean Room Division. With its competitive products, innovative technology and complete service system, MayAir once again partnered with Hua Hong Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. to provide FFU with its own fan filter unit for its innovation center project.     In the field of key core technologies and "stuck necks", China is making every effort to create an integrated circuit innovation highland and the rapid development of the integrated circuit industry. In the field of chip manufacturing, SMIC and Hua Hong Group rank among the top two in China in terms of annual sales, 14 advanced technologies of nanometer and 28 nanometers have been mass-produced respectively. MayAir is fortunate to provide supporting services for leading companies in the domestic chip industry and provide end-of-line clean equipment.     The clean room environment directly affects the yield of the chip manufacturing process.   The manufacture of chips requires hundreds of steps. During the whole process, the temperature and air cleanliness are strictly controlled. In the clean room of this environment, the wafers are continuously flowed and processed through various mechanical equipment. After a strict manufacturing process and a strict dust-free environment, the packaged chip is completed. As we all know, the air is full of dust, so small that it is invisible to the naked eye. However, the dust is like a large particle for the volume of each transistor. The dust or pollutants fall on the crystal during the manufacturing process. On the circle, other defects such as short circuit and burning of the chip will be caused. Therefore, to ensure the high yield of the chip, it is necessary to protect its high production environment and cleanliness! What role does FFU play in a clean room? FFU full name: Fan Filter Unit is composed of high-efficiency filters or ultra-high-efficiency filters, fans, case and other components. It is used for turbulent flow and laminar flow clean room. The clean method of FFU: It can achieve the clean room with air cleanliness level between ISO1-ISO8. The air in the clean room is sent to the clean room by the FFU from the technical interlayer on the clean room, and the circulating air is sent back to the technical interlayer through the return air duct. FFU conventional design: a variety of body materials are available, galvanized steel plate & stainless-steel plate & aluminum plate.       Site Installation Picture   FFU product features:     FFU control system: [manual five-gear speed regulation, manual stepless speed regulation, multiple group control, multiple touch screen control] and FLONET management system. MayAir’s group control system has strong compatibility and simple operation, which can be applied to other customers. With experience in group control of more than 10,000 units, we can help customers more effectively manage the status of products in operation, and provide timely feedback and processing.   AC EC Control System   Single manual five-gear and stepless speed regulation Group control system Multiple FFU group control cabinet Multiple FFU touch screen control   MayAir FLONET Group Control Management System     FFU group control system online monitoring     With the rapid development of the modern semiconductor industry, the requirements for air cleanliness levels in clean rooms will become higher and higher. MayAir has 20 years of experience in the field of high-level purification. With the maturity of high-efficiency filter and ultra-high-efficiency filter technology, the improvement of FFU system theory and the accumulation of practical application experience and strict production process quality requirements, the FFU system can meet ISO1-ISO8 In addition to the requirements for the use of clean rooms with air cleanliness, it also provides a better direction for future clean room upgrade arrangements.   Purification products create a clean environment and bring good quality. The best relationship is mutual achievement, and MayAir contributes to the clean room cleaning industry.
29 2021-09

Application articles | MayAir Chemical Filter intensive cultivation for many years has helped China's leading semiconductor companies

According to the International Semiconductor Industry Association SEMI, the investment in 12-inch fab equipment expenditures in 2020 will increase by 16% compared with last year. It is predicted that the growth rate will be maintained at 16% in 2021, and will increase by another 12% in 2022 to exceed US$80 billion. Driven by the accelerated global digital transformation of the coronavirus, and with the popularization of 5G, electric vehicles, and smart wearable devices, the demand for chips in the future will usher in a spurt of demand.     Beginning in 2018, China and the United States have been fighting from trade war to technology war, and China has faced many challenges in developing the semiconductor industry. However, in addition to improving the core technology and manufacturing process of independent research and development, the development of the semiconductor industry also needs to consider factors such as basic hardware facilities and construction. Among the many links, the construction and maintenance of the clean workshop necessary for the semiconductor process is very important. In addition to the need to maintain the clean room in a constant temperature, constant humidity, ultra-clean and dust-free environment, its also necessary to consider the influence of the gaseous pollutant AMC.     Classification of AMC With the continuous upgrade and iteration of the manufacturing process, the control of particulate matter alone can no longer improve the yield. The control technology of the AMC (Airborne Molecular Contamination) has become a necessary means to improve the semiconductor yield. Since 2005, MayAir's gaseous filtration business unit has been committed to serving fabs in mainland China, including a leading integrated circuit manufacturing company in China.   Founded in 2000, the company is a well-equipped multinational integrated circuit manufacturing company in mainland China. It can provide foundry and technical services for different technology nodes from 0.35 micron to 14 nanometers, including logic chips, mixed-signal/RF transceiver chips, High voltage chip, system chip, flash memory chip, EEPROM chip, image sensor chip power management, micro electromechanical system, etc.     As the key line width dimension of wafers produced by the company has been reduced from 0.35 microns to the 14-nanometer node, slight deviations in air quality in the work area will directly affect the yield of the product. The control requirements for AMC can be said to be more and more stringent. Environmental AMC concentration has strict control indicators and long-term monitoring, and MayAir has been escorting customers' clean room AMC control to meet customer requirements.   Through more than ten years of cooperation with this customer and in line with the national strategy of chip localization, MayAir’s chemical filter division has also been intensively engaged in the research and development of chemical filters. It has invested in product research and development technology by increasing capital expenditures, and strengthened products in energy-saving, Performance and indicators in terms of noise reduction and emission reduction, and meet the conditions required by the customer group to meet the requirements of a clean environment, promote production capacity increase and product quality optimization, in order to achieve growth with customers and promote the development of "China Chip".  
28 2020-07

Introduction of Kitchen Exhaust Unit –- Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Peking Union Medical College Hospital is a large-scale general hospital located in Dongcheng District, Beijing, integrating medical treatment, scientific research and education. It is affiliated to Peking Union Medical College (renamed Peking Union Medical College/Tsinghua University School of Medicine in 2006). It is the clinical school of medicine and the Institute of Clinical Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. It is the National Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Difficult and Severe Diseases designated by the National Health Commission.
03 2020-07

Introduction of Kitchen Exhaust Unit Project – Grand Metropark Hotel Beijing

Grand Metropark Hotel Beijing is located in the Yansha business circle of Sanyuanqiao. As the self-owned assets of HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd., this hotel is a high-end business hotel well-built by it. The unique polygonal exterior wall of the hotel is widely known as the landmark building of Sanyuanqiao.
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The next big hit is “this”, are you ready to receive it?

A highly distinctive, dreamlike and exciting brand in line with contemporary romanticism-Gucci (Gucci), founded in Florence in 1921, is one of the global luxury brands. Since its inception, it has experienced the baptism of war, the changes of the times, and turbulent reforms. Nearly a hundred years of development has created countless classics. It is famous for its unique creativity and innovation, as well as superb Italian craftsmanship. Gucci Gucci belongs to the Kering Group, constantly pursuing innovation and excellence, and reinterpreting fashion trends with a unique modern vision.
10 2020-01

Shenzhen Bookmall•Longhua City, wash away the hustle and bustle, get rid of impetuousness, and enjoy the "clean" of the years!

The sixth bookmall in Shenzhen—Shenzhen Bookmall•Longhua City has officially opened. As the largest cultural theme complex and cultural landmark building in Longhua District, Longhua City covers an area of ​​10,562.31 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​about 46,000 square meters and an operating area. 29500 square meters. Among them, the book industry accounts for about 40% of the business area, collecting nearly 200,000 types and 700,000 fine books, and other supporting formats and public activity areas covering an area of ​​about 29,500 square meters.
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VOCs treatment of exhaust gas treatment

Nowadays, the problem of atmospheric pollution in the entire earth is prominent, and there is an increasing interest in strengthening the control of VOCs emissions and VOCs treatment technology around the world. MayAir has always been studying technology development and product inspection in this field, and we unswervingly take "To promote cleantech development and to improve global air quality" as our mission.
24 2019-09

Oil mist purification system for exhaust gas treatment

MayAir officially opened the industrial dust removal, oil mist removal, and VOCs environmental management business segment in 2015, and "combined inside and outside" with the original air intake system business area, and is committed to creating a complete, professional, and systematic integrated air solution. Research and development of dust, oil fume and VOCs in industrial workshops. The business areas cover machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, medical treatment, food, automotive spraying and other industries, to protect the process of various industries and to ensure corporate emissions Reach the standard and make suggestions.
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