10 2022-06

Technology | Why have silicon wafer factories become more and more strict with AMC (Airborne Molecular Contamination) control in recent years?

Silicon Wafer is often used as a substrate material for semiconductor electronic devices. It is a key component and high-cost upstream raw material for manufacturing chips in the semiconductor industry. Indeed, it is a vital component for all electronic products, such as computers, communications products, automobiles, consumer electronics, etc.
18 2022-03

BeiGene and MayAir Protecting you - Hundreds of Innovative Drugs, Benefitting The World and Humanity

In recent years, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for antibody drugs in the pharmaceutical field has increased. Benefiting from the reform of the drug review and approval system, the barriers to production capacity, output, technology, etc. of various pharmaceutical companies have continued to be considerably reduced. Our country's antibody-drug industry has also achieved rapid growth. Among them, monoclonal antibody drugs play a pivotal role in treating tumours, autoimmunity, metabolism, viral infection, and other diseases because of their high ability to target effectively and precisely. MayAir provided a full range of environmental process protection to construct the local A-level environmental monoclonal antibody drug production project for BeiGene (Guangzhou).
11 2022-03

Industrial Application Analysis of Chemical Filters in the Semiconductor Industry - RC Insoluble Compounds Control

The project is for a semiconductor design and manufacturing enterprise in Zhejiang, which is headquartered in Hangzhou. The company focuses on the design and manufacture of memory chips and related chips, and provides semiconductor chips and application solutions for the Internet of Things, smart transmission terminals, industrial control and automotive electronics.
15 2022-02

MayAir is helping to build Dana's smart cabins, and showcase their skills in pandemic prevention and control

Recently, the mutated strain of Omicron has been spreading widely around the world. Thus, the global new covid-19 pneumonia pandemic situation has once again entered into an intense stage. In response to the urgent need for clinical gene amplification nucleic acid testing of the new coronavirus, and to satisfy the prerequisite for biosafety requirements in clinical testing, the need for pandemic prevention and control, with efficiency and rapid deployment features, have been combined to satisfy the supply needs of biosafety laboratories for the prevention and control of the new covid-19 pandemic and for future public health events. China rapidly established shelter-type and mobile nucleic acid testing laboratories have played an important role in improving nucleic acid testing capabilities, expanding testing coverage, and assisting the public in pandemic prevention and control.
29 2021-09

Applications|MayAir chemical filters help China's leading semiconductor companies after years of intensive cultivation

According to SEMI, the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International, the equipment expenditure investment of 12-inch wafer fabrications increased by 16% in 2020 compared with last year, and it predicts that it will maintain a growth rate of 16% in 2021 and increase by 12% in 2022, exceeding 80 billion US dollars. As the Covid-19 epidemic accelerates the global digital transformation, and as 5G, electric vehicles, and smart wearables become more widespread, the demand for chips will see a spurt in the future.
10 2021-01

Riding the wind and waves, broaden the future

Serving the top of the chip industry, SMIC is not only a chip manufacturing company, It also undertakes the responsibility for the rise of domestic chips. Especially with the arrival of 5G era, MayAir is fortunate to be in a position to safeguard the semiconductor manufacturing process
28 2020-07

Introduction of Fume Purification Project-Peking Union Medical College Hospital 

Integrating medical treatment, scientific research and teaching, Peking Union Medical College Hospital is a large-scale general hospital located in Dongcheng District. It is affiliated to China Union Medical College (in 2006, it was changed to Peking Union Medical College/Tsinghua University Medical School), and it’s its clinical medical school. It is also the clinical medical research institute of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, which was designated by the National Health Commission as a national guiding center for the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and serious diseases.
03 2020-07

Introduction of Fume Purification Project-Grand Metropark Hotel Beijing 

Grand Metropark Hotel Beijing is located in Sanyuanqiao Yansha Business Circle. As the self-owned assets of HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd., the hotel is a high-end business hotel carefully. The unique multi-ribbed outer wall of the hotel is widely known as the landmark building of Sanyuan Bridge.
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