20 years of memories and ingenuity in creating a clean future!

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(Summary description)21 June 2021 is not just a number, and MayAir was officially established 20 years ago. Today, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of MayAir.

20 years of memories and ingenuity in creating a clean future!

(Summary description)21 June 2021 is not just a number, and MayAir was officially established 20 years ago. Today, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of MayAir.

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20th Anniversary of MayAir




Unforgettable 20 years

Ingenuity for Creating a Clean Future

Celebrating MayAir’s 20th Anniversary!

20th Anniversary of MayAir

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21 June 2021 is not just a number, and MayAir was officially established 20 years ago. Today, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of MayAir.

The branches of MayAir worldwide sent greetings to the parent company to share the joy.

The 20th-anniversary celebration was held at the Nanjing factory at 5:08 p.m. Mr Yap Wee Keong, General Manager, delivered a speech: "Since its inception 20 years ago, MayAir has grown. Together, the MayAir family strives to achieve this and continues to be committed to contributing to providing clean air. For this, I would like to say a special thank you! At the same time, I also thank all the parties that have been with MayAir. The growth achieved by MayAir has not been possible without their trust and support."




It was very emotional when MayAir reminiscence its past when it struggled to establish itself. Nonetheless, MayAir will not rest on its laurel and continue to uphold its aim, continue its leadership in R&D and drive innovation. It is committed to using social resources on its products and resources, integrating and unearthing application needs, solving problems in the industry, fostering collaborations to further the purification industry's development, and looking forward to flourishing in the next 20 years with our continuous efforts.




Since going through 20 trials and tribulations, MayAir's business continues to grow. To meet customers' needs, MayAir ensures that its products are low resistance, low energy consumption, long-lasting, high cleanliness level, and comprehensive real-time monitoring of the Internet of Things. Its system helps customers achieve a high return rate on investment. Thus, creating a better lifetime cost.



Journey Started!

Company set up at21, June.

Set up clean room for Nanjing Hwuary Liquid Crystal Display Technical at the early stage helped MayAir to stand out in the microelectronics industry in China.

Company started producing FFU products.

Created the MayAir brand,emerged as a major low and medium efficiency filter supplier in the  country, serviced  major air-conditioning companies.

Received first OBM FFU order from SMIC

Received  3,000 unit FFU order from SMIC, a glorious chapter in company’s history.

Entered BOE system for the first time, established position in electronic professional clean room service industry

Factory in Zhongshan started operation. Started selling its products to Southern China market.

Company products entered TCL system

Used the “combination of electrostatic and bag”patented technology on the commercial PM2.5 project. Fully secured the commercial sector business.

Factory at Tianjin started operation.

Listed at London Stock Exchange, collaborated with a Top 500 enterprise, Nitto Denko and set up the first PTFE filter production in China.

Set up 21 sales branches and offices, service network in China upgraded comprehensively.

40,000 m  new R&D and production site in Nanjing started operation.


Received approval set up the “Phd. Doctor station”. The laboratory was awarded CNAS certificate for five consecutive years. and was  certified as one of the national High-Tech Enterprise.

20th anniversary, continue to achieve success!

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