Riding the wind and waves, broaden the future

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(Summary description)Serving the top of the chip industry, SMIC is not only a chip manufacturing company, It also undertakes the responsibility for the rise of domestic chips. Especially with the arrival of 5G era, MayAir is fortunate to be in a position to safeguard the semiconductor manufacturing process

Riding the wind and waves, broaden the future

(Summary description)Serving the top of the chip industry, SMIC is not only a chip manufacturing company, It also undertakes the responsibility for the rise of domestic chips. Especially with the arrival of 5G era, MayAir is fortunate to be in a position to safeguard the semiconductor manufacturing process

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“MayAir 2021 Benchmark Projects in All Fields“

Ride the wind and waves, broaden the future

Opportunities and challenges are intertwine

Innovation and strength coexist side by side

Reputation and benefit are mutually grown


High-end manufacturing – Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)


Serving the top of the chip industry, SMIC is not only a chip manufacturing company, It also undertakes the responsibility for the rise of domestic chips. Especially with the arrival of 5G era, MayAir is fortunate to be in a position to safeguard the semiconductor manufacturing process

FFU + Puro-C

· We serve factories in Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Jiangyin, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, and etc.

· We guarantee SMIC's previous product lines (including SMIC's most advanced 12nm and 28nm process) requirements for air cleanliness

High-end manufacturing – Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


With tremendous strength in the field of clean air from many years of experience, and reputation for excellent professional technology and excellent service, MayAir has stood out from competing companies and had successfully won the bid for Wuhan China Star 2021 T4 chemical filter procurement project, for the development of China's electronics industry building blocks.

Puro-F chemical filter

· Low initial resistance, no incremental pressure loss; can remove acid, alkali, organic matter, boron, phosphorus, and etc.

Checks on indoor clean air, helps to impr

New Breakthrough – Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd.


MayAir provides products for the lithography machine with the highest international clean environment (ISO Class 1) standards required by SMEE which has developed the first 28nm lithography equipment in China. Thus, MayAir helps domestic lithography machines business.

EFU (Equipment side fan filter unit)

· Low noise, ultra-thin features, easy to install in existing equipment.

· Can deal with clean room production equipment of all sizes

· The pollution source at the upper end of the filter does not flow into the equipment


Medicine Project – BeiGene, Ltd.


Founded in 2010, BeiGene originated from a group of scientists and developers with a mission to discover new cancer treatments and help to improve access to medicines for patients in China and around the world. Together, with our united will to overcome the difficulties, MayAir is helping innovative enterprises to accelerate the improvement of production and manufacturing level.

Laminar flow hoods + coiled filters

Laminar flow hoods:

· Meets GMP certification requirements

· Adopts tank seal to ensure no leakage

Coiled filters:

· Automatic filter material replacement / differential pressure control / module assembly

· Meets complex airflow requirements, save energy and manpower

Fighting against the pandemic – Shanghai Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd.


China's vaccine is stepping up its implementation at an unprecedented speed. This is to ensure that the “COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX)” will benefit the world, and that developing countries will no longer suffer from having no vaccine, and to allow people around the world to emerge as soon as possible from the pandemic. MayAir will continue to support China's life science industry, and contribute to the development and production of the covid-19 vaccine. This is MayAir’s mission and honor.

Laminar flow hoods + Efficient blowing vent

Efficient blowing vent:

· Able to meet on-site PAO test, strong versatility

· Efficiency up to H14 99.995%@MPPS


Commercial complex – Suzhou Center


After having gone through a strict bidding, comparison and evaluation process based on comprehensive project cost, purification efficiency and other factors, MayAir has finally won the recognition for the project and provided high-efficiency oil fume purification combination products for Suzhou Center's catering emissions. Not only did we solve the problem of oil fume emission pollution from the source, but we also ensured that the oil fume and odour discharged into the atmosphere had met the national standard emission standards. Thereby, ensuring the quality of life of the nearby residents.

Fume purifier

· PWM bipolar steady-state power module control, ionization section voltage 12000V, dust collection section voltage 6000V, higher efficiency and better stability

· Stainless steel ionizing plate and aviation aluminum dust collecting plate for longer life

· Double protection switches, good waterproof performance

National Project – Water Cube


Today's Water Cube, tomorrow's Ice Cube, it had turned out to be beautiful! We had undertaken the hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, and the regular curling and wheelchair curling competitions. During the preparations for the Winter Olympics, the venues were renovated and upgraded to be able to achieve any water ice mode or switched arbitrarily. We then created a detachable ice-making system, in which the air-conditioning unit and purification equipment are equipped with MayAir static electricity and fan coil units to provide protection for indoor air and create a comfortable indoor sports environment for Olympic athletes.

Electrostatic filter

· Effectively captured aerosols smaller than 0.01µm

· The resistance is about 20 Pa, low power consumption, the maximum power consumption of a single unit is 31W

· Passed CE, UL and RoHS certification, the service life can reach up to 10 years


New Energy Development – Gotion High-tech Co., Ltd.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the lithium battery industry, issues such as dust treatment in the production process of lithium batteries have received widespread attention. With recognition for professional dust treatment technology, MayAir has successfully won the Gotion High-tech centralized dust removal project, which is also one of the more typical cases in the lithium battery industry.

Photovoltaic Industry – Yunnan Tongwei High-purity Crystalline Silion Co., Ltd.


MayAir is honored to provide a complete set of dust removal system for Yunnan Tongwei, which has contributed to the environmental governance of non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industries.

IDC explosion-proof dust removal system

· Adopts advanced filtering technology and high-voltage pulse automatic cleaning technology to prolong the service life of filter elements

· Modular design, compact structure, reduce floor space

· After the simulation and verification of CFD fluid analysis software, the equipment can effectively inhibit the friction damage caused by industrial dust to the filter element, and protecting the filter element.


MayAir adheres to the principle of customer first,

And Satisfying customer's request,

To maximize customer value.

In 2022,

MayAir will strike as an all-rounder. United as one,

Let’s Strive to uncover benchmark projects,

Demonstrate the tremendous strength of MayAir.

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Promote the development of purification industry and improve global air quality