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Technical articles| control solution for semiconductor clean room

Table 2 is an example of the deployment scheme of chemical filter for fresh air and FFU chemical filter. The target AMC is inorganic acid. Assuming that the outdoor concentration is 30 μ g/m3, the chemical filtration coverage rate is 50%, and the internal generation source is 10 μ g/m3, it is necessary to meet the concentration requirements of ITRS for the clean room air and wafer environment of lithography scanner, which are 5ppb and 0.05 ppb respectively. Through the automatic simulation calculation tool by MayAir, the influence of chemical filtration coverage on chemical filtration efficiency, replacement cycle and annual consumption can be simulated. According to the following example, if the chemical filtration coverage rate ≤30%, it cannot meet the environmental concentration requirements. When the coverage rate reaches 40%, it needs to increase the termination filtration efficiency to 90% to meet the environmental concentration requirements. It is a more reasonable deployment when the coverage rate is around 50%-75%. When the coverage is increased to 100%, which means the deployment is too high, it will increase the annual consumption of chemical filtration material.
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Technical Articles| High Vacuum Dust Removal System Helps Achieve Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Peak

Since September 2020, China has tabled the goal of carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 at the 75th United Nations General Assembly. The Government has proposed a series of measures to promote the realization of this goal. As a company that dedicates on high-level purification, MayAir actively supports the national policy of carbon neutrality as part of its social responsibility initiatives. We have invested a lot in manpower and resources for applying various filtration technologies in the industrial manufacturing activities, in order to control and treat the dust pollution yet energy saved and carbon emissions reduction.
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Technical articles|Wide mouth low speed air supply device in operating room

Operating room (O.R) is a place to provide operation and rescue for patients, and it is the core area of infection control in hospitals. According to the definition of Architectural technical code for hospital clean operating department (GB50333-2013), the traditional clean operating rooms are divided into four classes, as shown in the following table:   clean room class Airborne /depositing bacterial concentration Air cleanliness class Reference for operation Operating zone Surrounding zone Operating zone Surrounding zone I 0.2cfu/30min ·φ90皿(5cfu/m3)  0.4cfu/30min ·φ90皿(10cfu/m3) 5 6 Prosthesis implantation, some large organ transplantation, and these operations the infections of which can directly endanger life and quality of life II 0.75cfu/30min ·φ90皿(25cfu/m3) 1.5cfu/30min ·φ90皿(50cfu/m3)   6 7 Large-scale surgery involving deep tissues and major organs of life III  2cfu/30min ·φ90皿(75cfu/m3) 4cfu/30min ·φ90皿(150cfu/m3)   7 8 Other surgical procedures IV 6cfu/30min·φ90皿(175cfu/m3) 8.5 Infection and heavily contaminated surgery    The cleanliness class of the operating room is closely related to the efficient and safe air cleaning system in the operating room. The air cleaning system can not only ensure the sterile environment, but also prevent cross-infection of personnel and play an important role in the success of the operation. It is an indispensable key supporting system in the operating room. According to traditional theory, the air supply units in clean operating room should have two basic functions: one is to quickly replace all polluted air in the operating zone with dust-free sterile air to ensure the cleanliness and sterility of the operating zone; the other is to prevent the unclean air outside the air supply flow from penetrating into the operating zone. Moreover, the temperature and humidity control of air supply in the operating room can ensure the surgeons to operate in a comfortable environment. However, since the air supply in the traditional operating rooms is sent at the unchanged temperature and speed, it is difficult to improve the anti-interference ability of air flow, so patients may have hypothermia. MayAir focuses on the development of high-end air cleanness technology in China. In order to make up for the deficiencies of traditional air supply and cleanness units, our professional R&D team, under the guidance of Professor Shen Jinming and Professor Liu Yanmin of Tongji University, has developed a special air supply system with wide outlet air curtain for low-speed airflow, which can provide different temperature and air speed at the same time, in operating rooms. The air supply system with wide outlet air curtain for low-speed airflow, which provides different temperature and air speed at the same time, is a new mode of air supply. Using wide outlet air curtains at two sides to supply low speed airflow, the units can keep the main air flow in the air outlets in the center. In additional to the dust-free and sterile control, the air flow from air curtain at the side can envelope around the operating table to meet the surgeon's comfort, while main air flow covers the patients which helps adjust the body temperature to keep them from hypothermia. According to the need of operation, the air curtain on both sides and the main air supply system in the center of the units can be combined by different sizes, speeds and temperatures in different operating rooms. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was used to simulate the temperature field for combinations of air supply units with wide outlet air curtain for low-speed airflow in operating room, and to analyze the influence on the comfort of operators and patients. Vertical section of doctor station   Longitudinal section of patient in lying position   Horizontal Section of doctors and patients The air supply system with wide outlet air curtain for low-speed airflow which provide different temperature and air speed at the same time can be used in operating room with cleanliness class I and II. Enhancing the anti-interference ability of clean air flow in operating room, ensuring clean and sterile area, and meeting the temperature and humidity requirements of doctors and patients, it is a technology with independent intellectual property rights. More importantly, with the cleanness air supply system of AC, air supply system with wide outlet air curtain for low-speed which provide different temperature and air speed at the same time can realize positive and negative pressure switching in the operating rooms, and effectively protect the safety of doctors, p
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Focus on semiconductor air purification field, MayAir dedicates on providing high-end cleanliness

Over the past 50 years, the technology node for integrated circuits has decreased significantly from 10 micrometers (μm) in 1971 to the current 7 nanometers (nm), and is even advancing to the smaller 3nm node. The miniaturisation of critical dimension of semiconductor wafer has led to increasingly stringent requirements for the cleanliness of cleanroom production environments. Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMCs) have gradually replaced particulate pollutants as one of the key factors affecting the productivity of industrial processes.
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Epidemic prevention and control, see the new force of MayAir

Since the beginning of 2020, the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pneumonia epidemic that has rapidly swept the world to the present has made the topic of infectious disease prevention and control continue to be highly valued. As we all know, the transmission of pneumonia virus mainly has different forms such as droplet transmission and aerosol transmission. For the highly contagious coronavirus, negative pressure isolation in the hospital can effectively control the source of infection and cut off the route of transmission. On this premise, in accordance with GB/T 35428-2017 hospital negative pressure isolation ward environmental control requirements, MayAir as a professional clean air equipment manufacturer and service provider, provides negative pressure isolation air purification equipment, such as: outdoor exhaust Air filter unit EFB, indoor exhaust air purification device EHU, ultra-thin negative pressure clean screen UCP, HEPA purification unit for isolation stretcher, mobile clean trolley Case Cart, HEPA purification unit for personal anti-infection mask, vehicle-mounted fresh air exhaust The unit is adapted to the rapid transformation of negative pressure isolation wards and the needs of a variety of normalized epidemic prevention and control applications.
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Strength in Purification丨Hermes in FFU

The well-known PFU has become a required product for electronic information, precision instruments, biomedicine, and other industries. The energy consumption, noise, vibration, strength, uniformity, and overall efficiency of the fan filter unit are the most critical areas used as the benchmark for evaluating the performance of the fan filter unit. Today, let’s learn about an FFU product, the epitome of purification technology and aesthetics. It is often regarded as the Hermes in PFU —— MayAir 3rd generation FFU cabinet.
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Electrostatic adsorption | Direct and effective purification, sterilization and disinfection technology

The usage of electrostatic filters in the modern-day air-conditioning system was contributed by Sir Oliver Lodge, a British physicist, and Professor Penny from the University of California in the United States. Sir Oliver Lodge created the first electrostatic precipitator at a lead factory in 1885. Meanwhile, Professor Penny transformed the industrial electrostatic precipitator into an indoor electrostatic precipitator back in 1935. Therefore, we can say that the development of electrostatic filters has a history of more than 100 years.
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Only with the ambition of being top of the mountain, to "see all the mountains" in the world

Beijing's highest landmark building - China Zun are using MayAir two-stage "2-in-1 EAC + MHPack" patented technology.
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